Identifying Wild Mushrooms


Come on a hike! 🍄🌿

Join Fungi Jon for a Fung Time in the Woods during Florida's mushroom season and join for in-depth workshops year-round. We host unique classes to immerse you in the world of mycology and bring you closer to understanding mushrooms. Fungi Jon believes in community mycology; we all have an impact to mycology by simply observing finds & sharing data, and in greater numbers we can discover more together.

Interested in learning? Come to a class or mushroom walk to learn the intricacies of mushroom identification and how your encounters with fungi can contribute to the field of mycology.

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What do you need? 📘🔍

Whenever you're out in the woods, a mushroom might catch your attention and spark your curiosity to learn more. You’ll want to have the supplies and tools you need in order to identify mushrooms, so we make convenient pocket-sized mushroom identification kits for you to always have the essentials to identify wild mushrooms anytime you're on a hike. Essentially a class in a package with tools and a simplified guide on general wild mushroom identification - from Fungi Jon's full mushroom ID walk-through & cheat sheet, to chemical reagents for testing color reactions on the surfaces of mushrooms, to brown paper bags for storing individual species, to a magnifier for examining fine details, and more. Keep it all handy with Fungi Jon's Mushroom ID Care Package.

If you're not sure which book to bring, we have some recommendations! Florida offers a unique environment for fungi and thorough resources are very helpful to have. Mushrooms of the Gulf Coast States and Mushrooms of the Southeast are our favorite books for identifying mushrooms in Florida. Buy them now.


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Learn & contribute to mycology đŸŒŽđŸ’»

There are a host of online resources to support you on your mycological path! Mushroom Observer and iNaturalist are great tools where the mycology community has already documented countless observations of wild mushrooms for scientists and amateurs to reference, and you can join in on the fun, too! You might just help discover a new species of fungi or otherwise help grow the fungal body of knowledge.

Another amazing resource for mushroom identification is Facebook groups for mushroom identification particular to your area. Check out Central Florida Mushroom Identification group if you’re in Central Florida, for example. If you are in North Florida, check out the Florida Academic Lichen And Fungi Enthusiasts League (FALAFEL), Gainesville-based mycology club.