About Fungi Jon

We’re taking mushrooms to the next level. Spreading the love of fungi and helping you integrate mushrooms into your life is our goal. From cultivating rare and unique varieties of mushrooms, to spreading mycology education, to incorporating fungi in delicious, convenient superfood products - we‘re here to serve you in every mycological way.


Supreme quality is always our intention when growing and crafting our product. We utilize the absolute purest methods and materials available to be used in our production, using food-safe approved compounds for sanitation and organic ingredients in our state of the art production facility and farm. Supreme quality fungi to be expected from a Real Fungi!


We also proudly host various workshops, classes, and mushroom walks throughout the year to teach and educate the public on fungi-related subjects from wild mushroom identification, to cooking with mushrooms, to cultivation concepts and more. Let’s build mushroom community and fungi family!




Jon Martin, owner of Fungi Jon LLC, is a Florida mycologist, mushroom farmer, photographer, and lover of nature. He began teaching mushroom identification classes in Central Florida in 2015 after falling in love with fungi while hiking in previous years.

After mush learning and spreading of fungal wisdom through classes and mushroom walks, his passion for mushrooms and the support of local community inspired him to take his mushroomy path to mushroom farming and designing a full mushroom production facility. Fungi Jon's farm now proudly produces hundreds of pounds of delicious, nutritious mushrooms per week!





We cultivate mushrooms from start to finish - from the lab to the fruiting chamber. Depending on variety, we create the ideal conditions for their growth and are able to provide year-round, consistent production. We clone local, wild mushrooms in our laboratory and propagate the highest quality cultures for commercial mushroom production. A laboratory setup, sterile technique practice, and frequent sanitation is important in mushroom farming to eliminate “invasive” competitor fungi from taking over the nutrient-rich substrate we intend to grow our desired species on.





We first isolate cultures of the mushrooms we intend to grow in our lab on agar - a gelatinous seaweed extract used in biological cultures, contained within petri dishes. We then take those cultures and produce spawn, which is essentially cooked grain rich in carbohydrates for the mushrooms to begin growing and get a vigorous jump start. We then create and sterilize our sawdust bags, also known as fruiting blocks. Once cooled down, we inoculate/add spawn to those blocks to introduce our desired mushroom variety. This work is done in front of filtered airflow to eliminate the chances competitor spores in the air. We then then seal the bags airtight and they're ready to move to incubation!


The inoculated blocks are then incubated for a number of weeks depending on variety, and once they’re fully colonized they are ready to be placed in their growing climate controlled with humidity, airflow and temperature. This allows us to produce absolutely beautiful, primo quality fungi as we expose our mushrooms to the most ideal conditions for their growth. Blocks are cut open in a particular manner to introduce higher levels of oxygen and humidity to an area on the block, by which baby mushrooms begin to form and eventually grow into beautiful, delicious fungi! Gloves are worn at all points of contact, and extremely high levels of sanitation are practiced, guaranteeing the mushroom’s success as well as the cleanliness of our product. 


Want to take a shot at cultivating like us?
Check out our Grow-It-Yourself kits to fruit your own fresh mushroom blocks!