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 January 9th,

2-4 PM

Mead Botanical Garden

Find Your Inner Fungi
with Fungi Jon
A mycology exploration and journey into the world of fungi


February 27th,

2-6 PM

Mead Botanical Garden

Florida Mushrooming
with Fungi Jon
Wild Florida mushroom identification immersion & mushroom walk


Online classes, guided mushroom walks, webinars, in-person workshops and special events with Fungi Jon will help you connect with fungi on deeper levels.
You’ll have opportunities to learn all about the world of mycology outdoors, indoors or online from the comfort of your home. Learn how to identify and forage wild mushrooms, contribute to mycology as a citizen scientist, cook and prepare mushrooms, grow edible & medicinal mushrooms and mush more.
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Photo Credit: Patrick Connolly, Orlando Sentinel