Fungi Jon’s Mushroom ID Care Package

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Fungi Jon’s Mushroom ID Care Package

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Identify mushrooms like a pro!

Suitable for the amateur to the enthusiast, our ID care package is an all-in-one, pocket-sized mushroom identification kit with the essential supplies for mushroom identification, complete with a walk-through and "cheat sheet" designed by Fungi Jon. It's a class in a package with the must-haves for any mushroomer!

Includes macro-chemical reagents KOH, FeSO4 & NH4OH which are frequently used in mushroom identification to note color reactions on the surfaces of specimens. Also includes a 300% magnifying lens, brown paper bags to store specimens, aluminum foil for spore prints, and cotton swabs for reagent tests and "field spore prints".

Our Southeast US and Florida-focused selection of mushroom reference books are highly recommended in conjunction with this kit for mushroom identification. Happy mushrooming!

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