Fresh Mixed Fungi
Fresh Mixed Fungi
Fresh Mixed Fungi

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Fresh Mixed Fungi

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Florida-local, primo quality assorted fresh mushrooms

Create delicious meals with healthy, vibrant fresh fungi, grown using 100% organic ingredients from start to finish on our farm. Enjoy abundance with our hand selected mixed mushroom assortment featuring the amazing, nutrient-dense, immune supporting mushrooms we grow in Florida.

Our diversity of mushrooms will take your cooking to the next level with rich umami flavors and textures to create nourishing meals, add flavor and depth to dishes, and make impressive vegan meat substitutes.

Contains 4-8 varieties of our premium quality gourmet and functional mushrooms, farmers choice from a selection of lions mane, blue oyster, black pearl, Italian browns, gold oysters, king trumpet, pioppino, chestnuts, snow oyster and more.

Fun and easy to cook! Simple sauté 5-7 minutes on medium high until browned with a little oil and salt, optional pepper and herbs is a simple and delicious way to prepare them. They can be easily incorporated into almost any dish or meal. Check out our Recipes section for more ideas.

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