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Cultivation Consulting

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Looking to start a farm, expand your grow operation into a successful model, or just want some serious one on one advice on your cultivation pursuits? An investment into consulting will pay off significantly in the long term by saving you money on unnecessary expenses, steering away from unsustainable designs, and avoiding costly mistakes.


We offer our expertise in the following subjects to beginning and expanding mushroom operations to ensure the highest level of success and profitability in their endeavor:

- Advanced mycology lab work including culture isolation, consistent agar production, long term culture preservation, etc.

- Cleanroom design for mushroom spawn and culture laboratories

- Precise spawn cooking and maintenance techniques

- Thorough block production outline and recipe development 

- Property overview and floor plan design

- Advanced HVAC engineering and customized climate control solutions for mushroom fruiting rooms in even the harshest climates

- Electrical overview, electrical engineering, and equipment sizing

- Automation and data logging

- Operation sustainability, efficiency and ergonomic workflow

- Financial model development for successful and profitable mushroom farming

- Sales strategies for wholesale and retail business outlets

- Production materials & equipment sourcing

- Medicinal/functional mushroom cultivation techniques

- Mushroom extraction techniques focused on potency and efficiency of material

- Almost any subject pertinent to serious mushroom cultivation endeavor for business


Choose from:

- 30 Minute - Intro & Overview/Planning Call
- 90 Minute - Deep Dive & Total Assessment

An intro call is just the beginning of a path to further success. We will give you a brief overview of the best route for your success in our intro call. This is an economic option for someone who needs help to find the proper direction and understand what they are capable of achieving based on their setup.

A deep dive is a total assessment and full look into the depths of your interests within the mushroom cultivation industry and how you can apply yourself in the most efficient and sustainable manner for your growth and to achieve your goals. This is a call for someone serious in moving forward with clear direction. Come prepared with as much information about your operation and plans as possible. We will take serious considerations for your success and share the most valuable information for your personal situation. We aim to assist you in making critical choices that can save you an unimaginable amount of money in the long term and help you manifest your vision.

If you so choose, after our initial session we will discuss a custom consultation package based on your needs and goals in order to thoroughly help you throughout your cultivation journey in mentorship. We are here to help you become successful every step of the way!


Once your order is placed please submit the following information to to begin the process:

- Name, phone number, and location

- Photos and/or videos of the property which clearly display planned spaces for production and anything relevant 

- Any floor plans or design plans currently available

- A list of your goals and what you hope to get out of consulting

- Any problems you may be experiencing currently or that you want to remediate or solve