Mushroom ID Reagents

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Mushroom ID Reagents

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Macro-chemical reagents for mushroom identification! Select from 5% KOH, 10% FeSO4, and 10% NH4OH - 5mL size - 3-pack

These three reagents are the most frequently used reagents in mushroom identification. Build your own 3-pack to stock up for mushroom season, refresh your reagents, or restock our ID kits. We recommend replacing your reagents on a yearly basis for the most accurate results.

Color changes from each reagent are specific and unique to each mushroom species. Compare color reactions with species descriptions in reference books specific to your mushrooms’ location to verify your identification accuracy.

Mushroom ID Reagents provide identifiers with accurate and reliable solutions for mushroom identification. Our reagents ensure quick and effective differentiation of species for a wide range of mushrooms and other fungi with up to 98% accuracy. Get the peace of mind knowing you can confidently identify different types of mushrooms.

See our Books & Resources for mushroom identification books relevant to Southeastern North America.

All three reagents are also included in our Mushroom ID Care Package - an all-in-one kit for mushroom identification suitable for beginner to advanced mushroom identifiers. *We highly recommend beginners start with our ID kits to gain a foundational understanding of mushroom identification prior to purchasing reagents separately.