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Culture Dish

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Top quality Petri dish culture made fresh to order at the Fungi Jon culture lab

Our favorite strains, directly transferred from master cultures, which are produced from our in-house cryogenic storage. In other words, our cultures are kept at the absolute highest form of integrity. A fresh, heathy and vigorous culture is the most ideal for any advanced cultivation pursuit. The strains we provide and the quality of their preservation will provide commercial yielding results when grown to fruit on nutrient rich media with proper ambient conditions and fruiting technique.

Lead time: Approximately 2 weeks from order

Shipping: 1-2 day shipping highly suggested. Shipped on ice packs and sealed in a breathable 0.2 micron filter bag. You will receive notification by email once shipped.

Instructions: Following sterile technique in front of a flow hood, FFU, or other HEPA/blower combo, make transfers from culture as desired to create more agar dishes, produce liquid culture, make spawn, or create other substrate / medium. For specialized questions regarding sterile technique and transfers, please see consulting here.

Note: The majority of strains we offer to other cultivators are ones exchanged throughout the commercial cultivation community. We do not take credit for the creation of these strains - only the proper preservation, storage and transfers of them. FJ Original’s are bred or wild cloned by Fungi Jon.