Umami Dust

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Umami Dust

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Make any dish shout, “umami”!

Fungi Jon’s Umami Dust is our premium gourmet mushroom powder, made with 100% pure gourmet mushroom fruiting body. No mycelium on grain or added flavoring/fillers - just mushrooms.

Consists of a proprietary chef’s blend with various oyster mushroom varieties, chestnut mushroom, pioppino mushroom, lions mane and others - made into a convenient powdered and fine-sifted form.

Endless applications in the kitchen - from flavor-boosting and thickening gravys, soups, broths and ramens, to making wonderful roux, dusting steaks, creating even sears, and more.

Elevate and mushroomize any dish. Dubbed by customers as “vegan MSG” and “fungi nutritional yeast” among many other titles.

Put it on anything. Use it generously. You won’t regret it. Get this umami in your kitchen!