Dried Cordyceps
Dried Cordyceps
Dried Cordyceps
Dried Cordyceps

Fungi Jon

Dried Cordyceps

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Premium Cordyceps grown in Florida by Fungi Jon!

Enjoy our dried Cordyceps mushrooms (Cordyceps militaris) in their whole form - often rare to find! US-grown 100% pure fruiting bodies produced using organic practices on Fungi Jon farm.

Cordyceps are an incredibly fascinating mushroom known for various potential benefits such as energy & stamina support, respiratory support, increased lung capacity, immune-system regulation, athletic performance, and mush more!*

Many report an energetic effect immediately after consumption. We recommend supplementing daily for two weeks to observe what Cordyceps has to offer you personally, as most people typically report noticeable effects with daily use over time.

To consume our awesome Cordyceps, we recommend making a simple tea. See below for dosage and simple preparation:

Typical dosage: 0.5 grams

Tea preparation: Bring 8oz water to simmer. Add 0.5 grams Cordyceps (or a small pinch if you don't have a scale). Continue simmer on low for 15 minutes. Do not boil. Remove from heat, strain, and enjoy the beautiful, vivid orange mushroom tea! You can choose not to strain the Cordyceps and eat them as you drink your tea, or you can use the strained mushrooms in a stir-fry, on rice, in soups, or in practically any dish!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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