Blue Oyster Grow-It-Yourself Kit

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Blue Oyster Grow-It-Yourself Kit

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Grow your own Blue Oysters! 💙🍄

With a just few squirts of water per day, you can grow your own blue oysters on your countertop inside your home, or outdoors on your patio đŸ€ 💩

Perfect for kids as a fun science project, great for mushroom lovers or the ‘shroom-curious, and even makes a perfect gift for that special fun-gal! Eat the absolute freshest mushrooms possible by growing them 🙌

Super easy to grow. Comes with full instructions and a cute misting bottle to keep your lions mane hydrated regularly đŸ„°

Expect a harvest in about 2 weeks from the point you set up your kit. Our 10lb blocks are produced on our farm in Central Florida using certified organic commercial substrate for high yields and superior quality. Average yield 1.5lb first flush, up to 4lb total harvest typical with consecutive flushes.

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