Umami Dust

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Umami Dust

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Premium gourmet mushroom powder - made with 100% pure gourmet mushroom fruiting body. No mycelium on grain or added flavoring/fillers - just mushrooms.

Includes a chef’s blend of culinary gourmet mushrooms, from various oyster mushrooms and lions mane, to pioppino, chestnut mushroom, lions mane, maitake, and more. Easy to incorporate into any dish in it’s powdered and fine-sifted form.

Endless applications in the kitchen for flavor and texture-boosting. Try thickening gravys, flavoring soups, broths & ramens, dusting veggies or meats, mixing it into veggie burgers, or sprinkling on avocado toast. The uses are endless! Elevate any dish conveniently with umami texture from fungi.