Candy Cap Liquid Extract

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Candy Cap Liquid Extract

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Mmm... maple-butterscotch mushroom goodness in a bottle!

We're excited to offer this rare culinary delicacy made with our Wild Foraged Candy Cap mushrooms! Use this extract in cookies, breads, desserts, smoothies, yogurt, almond milk, or any baked good or dish you wish to impart a wonderful maple-butterscotch aroma and flavor. Can be added to recipes or used in place of vanilla extract. 

Candy Caps (Lactarius rubidus) are known for their strong maple-like odor and flavor. They’re only found in the wild and can't be cultivated, so they're highly-prized with their uniqueness and difficulty in acquiring.

This is a concentrated extract- so just a little bit goes a long way! The aromatic qualities shine in any recipe it touches. We use it in our Candy Cap Pecan Granola, which just wouldn’t be the same without it!

Ingredients: organic grain-free alcohol, organic vegetable glycerin and wild-foraged candy cap mushrooms.

Gluten free, non-gmo, vegan, soy-free, sugar-free, made with organic and wild-foraged ingredients. Produced in a facility which also processes soy, wheat, and nuts.

Disclaimer: Fungi Jon LLC extracts and tincture products containing alcohol are not suitable for use as a beverage.

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