Fungi Jon’s Mushroom ID Kit
Fungi Jon’s Mushroom ID Kit

Fungi Jon

Fungi Jon’s Mushroom ID Kit

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Everything you need to begin identifying mushrooms!

Suitable for the amateur to the enthusiast, our ID care package is an all-in-one, pocket-sized mushroom identification kit with the essential supplies for mushroom identification, complete with a walk-through and "cheat sheet" designed by Fungi Jon. It's a class in a package with the must-haves for any mushroomer!


  • Macro-chemical reagents KOH, FeSO4 & NH4OH (5mL size)
  • 300% magnifying lens
  • Brown paper bags to store specimens
  • Aluminum foil for spore prints
  • Cotton swabs for reagent tests and "field spore prints".

Our Southeast US and Florida-focused selection of mushroom reference books are highly recommended in conjunction with this kit for mushroom identification. Happy mushrooming!

Our Story:

All our mushrooms are grown with love and care at our farm in Florida from start to finish. All products created from our mushrooms are also crafted at our facilities. 

We value quality of product above everything else. We’ll always strive to provide the best product on the market.

Fungi Jon is named after our founder Jon, an experienced Mycologist who has been spreading his fungi wisdom for over 10 years. 

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