Dried Gourmet Mushrooms

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Dried Gourmet Mushrooms

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Premium dried gourmet mushrooms - grown organically on our small Florida farm, dried at peak quality for convenient use & indefinite shelf life. 

Includes a seasonal chef’s blend of gourmet culinary mushrooms, ranging from various oyster mushrooms, to chestnut mushrooms, pioppino, lions mane, maitake, and more.

An excellent option for soups, broths, ramens and other watery meals. 

Instructions: To reconstitute and use in other recipes such as a risotto or a stir fry, simply soak in room temperature water for 10 minutes, then squeeze our excess moisture and use similarly to fresh mushrooms. Soak water retains some flavor and can be combined or reduced into your dish if desired.

Jon’s favorite use: always bring some while traveling or backpacking to add meaty, umami texture and flavor to backcountry ramens & soups.