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Amanita give you a gift for Christmas

WAS SANTA A MUSHROOM SHAMAN? Meet Amanita persicina, the “peach-colored fly agaric”. In Florida, this is the closest mushroom we get to Amanita muscaria - the archetypal mushroom embedded throughout popular culture, from Mario Brothers to emojis, and even Christmas legend, which is intertwined with countless similarities to Siberian shamanic traditions utilizing A. muscaria. Originally considered a variety of Amanita muscaria, genetic evidence shows that this is actually a distinct species rather than a variety of A. muscaria as previously thought. A number of features distinguishes them from one another, though they share the same chemistry. Learn identification in depth at the end of this page! Jon Martin with Amanita muscaria near Mount Hood, Oregon The similarities of Amanita muscaria to Christmas legend are absolutely unmistakable. Someone was very inspired! From the mushrooms...

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