Pink Oyster Grow-It-Yourself Kit
Pink Oyster Grow-It-Yourself Kit

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Pink Oyster Grow-It-Yourself Kit

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Grow your own Pink Oyster mushrooms!
Watch our amazing Pink Oyster kits transform into delicious rosy mushroom bouquets before your eyes with a just few gentle squirts of water per day! 💦💕 

Perfect for kids as a fun science project, great for mushroom lovers or the ‘shroom-curious, and even makes a perfect gift for that special fun-gal!

Super easy to grow outdoors or indoors, with a preference for warmer climates (best above 60F). Comes with full instructions and a cute misting bottle to keep your pinkies hydrated regularly 🥰❤️

Expect a harvest within 2-5 days of pinning (when baby mushrooms/primordia appear). Our 10lb blocks are produced with sweet loving intention in-house on our farm in Florida using commercial substrate for high yields and superior quality. Average yield 2.5lbs first flush, up to 4lbs total harvest typical.

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