Gaia Granola - Candy Cap Pecan

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Gaia Granola - Candy Cap Pecan

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Travel the Earth on mushrooms. Stay nourished with our signature superfood 'shroom-nola.

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Fungi Jon’s Gaia Granola is delicious, wholesome, and fungi-filled! Each flavor has a unique mushroom from Fungi Jon to keep you mushroom-powered throughout your day. It's the perfect nutrient-dense food to hit the trails and satisfy your appetite. Easy to pack for hikes and backpacking/camping trips, amazing for breakfast, and an ideal fuel for mushroom hunting, helping you tune in to the mycelium!

Made with all-organic ingredients, direct-sourced from small and local farms, including specialty mushrooms grown on our farm or wild-harvested. Free of refined sugar, gluten, soy and dairy.

Once finished, you can re-purpose the bag to store your wild mushrooms or to collect trash in the backcountry. We also offer our granola in reusable jars at farmers markets and local classes & events.

It makes a quick, healthy breakfast on its own, and it’s lovely with milk, yogurt & fruit, in smoothies, with on oatmeal, on top of pancakes or waffles, and more. Try soaking it in plant-based milk overnight in the refrigerator or a cool environment to have a delicious "overnight oats" granola porridge waiting for you in the morning. You might even want to try it sprinkled on ice cream or an açaí bowl!

All of our ingredients are sustainably-sourced, supporting small local farms where possible, including our very own farm!

Ingredients: Steel Cut Oats*, Vermont Maple Syrup*, Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil*, Georgia Pecans*, Medjool Dates*, Flaxseeds*, Fungi Jon’s Wild-Foraged Candy Cap Mushroom Extract (Lactarius rubidus), Rolled Oats*, Psyllium Husk*, Vanilla Extract*, Ceylon Cinnamon* and Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt.

* = Certified organic ingredient (Contains: Pecans, Coconut)